Jessica "Jesse" Preston is an Actress / Model turned Makeup & Beauty Style Guru. 

Born Feb 13, in Brooklyn New York, Jesse is 100% Puerto Rican and with her sassy personality it's not hard to tell. Although raised in Miami, Jesse wanted a change. After she turned 21 she moved out to Vegas and has become a local celebrity. 

Jesse has been featured in over a dozen magazines, websites and even starred as lead female interest in a music video. 

She created a Youtube channel where she films & edits her own videos demonstrating how to achieve the hottest and trendiest looks, along with Fashion Hauls, Personal Vlogs &  recipes for the healthy foods she herself makes to stay in shape. 

Within only months her 2nd youtube upload went viral and has over 3.6 Million views. And her Makeup Channel has over 37.5 million hits.  And now her Instagram is starting to blow up, she has attracted over 115,000 followers. She currently works at Hottest nightclub in the country, XS NIGHTCLUB.  

Jesse has recently developed her own unique High End Handmade Fragrance line. 

Jesse has a true passion for animals, she loves cruelty-free products & her favorite charities are HOPEFORPAWS.COM & The ASPCA. (monthly donations are made by Jesse)

With a love for animals, traveling, beauty , fashion and a healthy lifestyle, Jesse is on the fast track to becoming a Mini mogul . 

Follow her social media's: Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Phhhoto - @JessePrestonx